We Are Green

33We don’t take our beautiful surroundings in the Snowdonia National Park for granted. Here is some information about just some of our efforts to protect the natural environment around us.

Energy Saving – We generate our own electricity via the installation of a hydro project on Dolhendre land, this is a collaboration with Derwent Hydro.

We don’t use insecticides or herbicides on the park – Since we introduced this policy 10 years ago the bird & wildlife population on the park has increased enormously.

We actively encourage recycling – Recycling and compost bins are available on the park or very close by for holiday makers to use and they are regularly encouraged to do so.

We collect and conserve rainwater – Rainwater butts are positioned around the park and are used for caravan cleaning and plant watering.

36Replacing non-indigenous trees & shrubs – Over the last several years we have steadily been replacing non-indigenous species, such as Leylandii with local species such as Hawthorn, Mountain Ash, Silver Birch, Gorse & Broom.

Protecting our section of the River Lliw and it’s banks – The erosion of the river banks need constant attention and this is addressed. We have also been able to arrange the protection of an ancient Oak tree that was being threatened by river bank erosion.

Preventing local contamination – The water quality of the river running through our park has been checked by the environmental agency and has been found to be of very high quality and not contaminated in any way.

Wildlife Awareness – This is promoted by encouraging our visitors to keep a record of wildlife observations for all to share, and creating wildlife habitats on the park. A comprehensive list of all the birds seen in and around Dolhendre can be found here.